Named by hash

Named by hash

Secure links are achieved with the hash naming protocol of IPFS, the "InterPlanetary File System". For example, if a file only has the content "Hello World!", its hash name is Qmf1rtki74jvYmGeqaaV51hzeiaa6DyWc98fzDiuPatzyy, so its URL is

IPFSis designed so that if you get the content with the same hash from anywhere, it is the same.Some day, all browsers will hopefully support the IPFS protocol, just like they support http, ftp, etc.

Firefox add-on for IPFS

The IPFS project provides a browser add-on for Filefox. (Extensions are also available for Chrome and other browsers.) If you have the add-on installed and click the "fs" link above then your browser will show "Hello World!". To install it see the add-on page.