Named by hash

Named by hash

Secure links are achieved with the hash naming protocol of internet standard RFC 6920 [ni], part of NetInf [ni]. For example, if a file only has the content "Hello World!", its sha-256 hash is f4OxZX_x_FO5LcGBSKHWXfwtSx-j1ncoSt3SABJtkGk, so its name is

Some day, all browsers will hopefully support the ni protocol, just like they support http, ftp, etc. But for now, RFC 6920 provides a bridge with existing web servers using ".well-known", so the same content is at the web address .
Note that it doesn't matter that the information is at "". RFC 6920 is designed so that if you get the content with the same hash from anywhere, it is the same.

Firefox extension for NetInf

The niProtocol Firefox extension enables Firefox to access an ni: link using a .well-known URL as described above. To try it in Firefox, download
In Firefox, open Tools > Add-ons. In the "gear" or "wrench" menu, click Install Add-on From File and open niProtocol.xpi. Restart Firefox.

For more info, see this slide presentation [ni].